About us

Revision Vadestedet is a certified firm of consultants and accountants specialised in smaller and medium-sized businesses and associations requiring qualified accountancy and assistance within bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, auditing, fiscal matters and financial forecasting.

Accountants from Revision Vadestedet have provided quality services to the Danish business sector for more than 80 years.

Our 15 dedicated employees, who – between them – represent more than 250 years’ experience within the accounting profession, are ready to provide our services to you and your firm.

We take our share of the responsibility for ensuring the education of new members within the accounting profession. This way, we make sure that our employees cover a wide field within experience as well as hourly fees. Thus, we are able to provide manpower for an assignment from a team of employees that will ensure a qualified solution of any given task at competitive fees.

Working together in smaller teams, more of our employees will know the individual client. This way, you will always have more than one point of access to us and, consequently, get a prompt solution to such challenges you may be facing.

The fact that several among us are familiar with you and your business also means that you will benefit from our focused attention with respect to the provision of information about new rules / opportunities of relevance to you or your business.

Taking our point of departure in your and your firm’s concrete requirements and desires with respect to economic, financial and accounting consultancy, we will commit ourselves to a personal, open and honest dialogue.

Understanding and insight are keywords when you decide to enter into a cooperative relationship with Revision Vadestedet.

Mission and vision


Our mission is to be a cooperative partner on a confidential basis, providing eye-level service for you and your business.


  • To be considered a good cooperative partner by our clients
  • To provide assistance and consultancy at a high professional level
  • To provide a high level of service
  • To deliver our service in good time and at competitive prices
  • To be a good workplace
  • To comply with professional standards and guidelines issued by the accountancy profession

Collaborative partners

An organisation our size cannot support specialist units within every conceivable area that may be of relevance to you, the client.

This is not to say that you may, at some point, be obliged to seek advice elsewhere, as – over time – we have established a reliable network of experts on whom we can draw, should this become relevant.

Visit our collaborative partners

In order to provide our clients with access to the best conceivable consultancy and sparring within fiscal matters, VAT and duties, we have – for more than 15 years – collaborated with some of Denmark’s best independent tax, VAT and duties experts.




The accounting firm was founded by certified accountant V. M. Hansen and, for a considerable number of years, the firm was domiciled at Ahornvej in Næstved.


The accounting firm was acquired by certified accountant, Hans Vejlesby, and moved domicile to Slagelsevej in Næstved.


With the acquisition by certified accountant, Ebbe Jensen, the accounting firm was converted into a public limited company and changed its name into Vejlesby og Jensen, Registeret Revisionsaktieselskab.


The accounting firm Olsgaard og Seeding from Rønnede was acquired, and its employees moved to the office in Næstved, at the same time the firm moved it domicile from Slagelsevej to Vadestedet 6 in Næstved. . The company was renamed Revision Vadestedet, Registreret revisionsaktieselskab.


The accounting firm, Ole Traberg, from Præstø was acquired and its employees moved to the office in Næstved.


The state-authorised public accountant, Leif Stolberg-Rohr Nørskov, joined as a partner, and the company was renamed Revision Vadestedet Godkendt Revisionsaktieselskab.


The accounting firm became a full member of INAA Group, a international association of independent accounting firms, as a sole representative in Denmark.